Marketing &

Specialising in bespoke cloud based applications and unique digital marketing solutions.

Cloudtech Media brings your ideas to life with creative, interactive apps that are both visually engaging and intuitive to use.

We also work on promoting your brand to a targeted audience through our various marketing tools and techniques.

Concept & Requirements

The initial stage involves gaining a better understanding of your idea, how it would work in the real world, and who are the target audience.

We then explore the various options available and work with you to decide on the most appropriate based on time, budget and suitability.

Once we have agreed on the concept and requirements, we can then start planning the design and implementation.

Planning & Design

Great design always starts with the user in mind. Identifying the primary target audience and tailoring the experience to them is vital to the success of any project.

We will create a plan of action, including key deliverables and mock-up designs for the application or campaign.

These will then be reviewed, and any changes made, before continuing onto the development & testing stage.

Development & Testing

We use agile development principles and realtime testing to ensure compatibility on all devices and web browsers. 

This means you’re actively involved in the process from start to end, with regular updates on progress and access at each stage for feedback or minor alterations.

Once complete, we then perform a final in-depth review to identify any other areas for optimisation before getting ready to go live! 

Pre-flight Checks & Launch

Before going live we make sure everything is in place to ensure a smooth launch, including the setup of all email accounts, user logins and security features.

We also setup all related accounts for social media and advertising during this stage, with any marketing campaigns pre-scheduled for release.

We can then hit the big red button to send it live to the world, double checking everything is working as it should during each stage of release.

Promotion & Analysis

Now you’re up and running, we’ll continue to monitor 24 hours a day to ensure there are no issues to report.

Any marketing campaigns will continue to run, and we’ll be available for guidance on future campaigns and how to analyse the results.

We’ll also be on hand to discuss any new features or campaigns, and how we can bring those to fruition.


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